TikTok Shop Creator Competition

TikTok Shop Creator Competition TikTok Shop launched a competition for the creators, giving them a chance to win a trip to L.A. I edited and animated a short and longer version teaser videos to excite the influencers about the challenge. A H5/landing page was designed to provide full information about the competition. Also a highlights… Read More

Educational video TikTok Shop

Educational videos for TikTok Shop creator channel Here are few educational videos produced for the TikTok Shop creator channel. These videos are designed specifically for the creators/influencers to get started on the app and how to produce successful shoppable content to earn commission. TikTok has a fun, young and energetic look and feel which also… Read More

Nature Valley Gone Wild – Social edits and logo animation

Social edits for Nature Valley to encourage the audience to enter the competition. This project involved video editing, motion graphics and animation. This was reversioned for various social platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest. Client Agency Space and Nature Valley Services Video Editing, motion graphics and Logo animation Read More

Smart Network

Smart Network A concept video showing the importance of EE network. It illustrates a day in the life of an EE character, who is dependent on the network to perform basic, day to day tasks. Video illustrated on adobe Illustrator, animation on after effects, audio and further editing done on premiere pro. Client EE Services… Read More

Digital 6 Sheets – Sky

Digital screen animated posters 10 seconds animated posters for various divisions of Sky such as Sky Broadband, Sky Sports and Sky Retail. Client Sky Services Animation I Motion Graphics Read More

Sky VIP email content features

Sky VIP email Video created to highlight the success of the Sky VIP email, it highlights important features of the email. Client Sky Services Animation, motion graphics Read More

Sky Mobile social adverts

Sky Mobile social adverts These are some of the facebook adverts created for Sky Mobile. These are simple with minimal movement, enough to get attention of the user. Most importantly all adverts follow Sky Mobile guidelines and have a distinctive look and feel. Client Sky Services Animation I Social Advertising Read More

Sky Q Advert

Sky Q Advert Sky Q advert for OOH and social platforms, showing off the success of Sky Q. Client Sky Services Animation and Advertising Read More

Social Advert

N26 and Sky N26 partnered together with Sky, this promotion advertised specific for N26 clients. Client Sky Services Animation I Social advertising Read More

Wembley cup trailer

Wembley Cup Trailer Wembley Cup trailer designed to build up excitement for the annual tournament. Posted on social sites such as YouTube and Facebook. Edited in premiere pro. Client EE Services Editing, motion graphics Read More

Denim Campaign

Denim campaign Slideshow for in-store digital screens. Client Mothercare Services Animation and motion graphics Read More

EE Help and advice video

Help and Advice video Explainer video designed for EE customers to give help and advice on various issues. Storyboarded, animated and audio edited. See storyboard below. Client EE Servcies Illustration and animation Read More

Environment explainer video

Environment explainer video Explainer video showing all the steps EE is taking to make the business environment friendly. Client EE Services Design, illustration, animation Read More

Mothercare maternity slogan tees

Maternity tees DOP- Wendy Carrig Videographer - Eloise Shackleton and Akriti Devi Editor - Akriti Devi Client Mothercare Services Filming, Editing and colour grading Read More

Mothercare Fashion Film

Maternity Fashion Film Directed by Wendy Carrig Videographers - Akriti Devi and Eloise Shackleton Editor - Akriti Devi Client Mothercare Services Filming I Editing I Colour grading Read More

Maternity SS17

Maternity Collection Filmed, edited and colour graded maternity fashion videos for SS17. Directed by Wendy Carrig Client Mothercare Services Filming, Editing and colour grading Read More

Bra specialism

Bra Specialism Bra specialism campaign- content designed for portrait in-store digital screens. Client Mothercare Services Animation I Motion Graphics Read More